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每人一小段,翻译我也行!每日新素材,等你来认领!http://www.ltaaa.com/translation.html-------------译者:kfab-审核者:renayuki------------What aspect of Chinese culture is hardest for Westerners to properly understand?中国文化的哪些方面最令西方人难以理解?---------------------以下是评论部分---------------------原创翻译:龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.com 翻译:翻译加工厂 转载请注明出处论坛地址:http://www.ltaaa.com/bbs/thread-445471-1-1.html-------------译者:黎明晖烬-审核者:龙腾翻译总管------------Anna Bomby Master Mechanical Engineering & Automation Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (2015)Answered Jun 8Anna Bomby 南京航空航天大学机械与自动化硕士After living in China for three years I found a couple of things hard to understand.在中国生活了三年巨蟒与圣杯 ,我发现几个我很难理解的问题。1- The concept of friendship:1-友情观Chinese people are very warm to many foreigners. However becoming a true friend is another story.When you are friend with someone you automatically enter a group of friends that will often do most of their activities together. It’s hard to become a part of the group as you’re expected to be friend with most of the group members.As part of becoming friends with everyone you’ll very soon be invited to early dinner (hopefully you can understand Chinese). Even when you know someone for just 5 minutes they may invite you to their home.Once you’re part of the circle you’re a true friend and you’re expected to be part of many activities and spend most of your time with those people or some of those. Sometimes two circles will merge or one circle will split into two if some people are not interested in the same things.中国人对待许多外国人非常热情盛女的黄金时代主题曲。然而做真正的朋友就是另一回事了。成为某人朋友意味着你自动进入了一个经常在一起活动的朋友圈。你很难成为圈子一部分,因为这要求你和这个圈子里大部分人都是朋友。为了让你和圈子里每个人熟识,很快你会被邀请参加午时正餐(西方很多人的午餐大多是简餐)。即便是你刚认识5分钟的人也会邀请你去他们家。一旦你成为圈子一部分,你就是真正的朋友了,你被期待参与集体活动,花大量时间和圈子里的朋友在一起。有时候,两个圈子会合并,一个圈子也会因为兴趣不同而分裂成两个。-------------译者:黎明晖烬-审核者:龙腾翻译总管------------2- The concept of Hong Bao:2-红包的概念So for those who don’t know the Hong Bao is a red envelope in which you put money to give on special events (wedding birth graduation Chinese new year etc).Yes I do understand that you give money to someone who just got married or graduated it’s not a problem. But nowadays you get Hong Bao ALL THE TIME. It’s like “you passed one exam? here get your money” or you get money for Valentine’s from your friend… what meaning does it hold?The Hong Bao became such a fashion that wechat even added a social feature for it.Red envelope - Wikipedia给不懂的人解释下:红包是一个里面装钱的红色信封。用在特殊活动时,比如结婚、生子、升学、春节等等。好吧,我能理解在某人结婚、毕业时给礼金,这不是问题。但现在红包太泛滥了乔丹法则 。例如“你过了门考试御心香帅?来给你个红包”或者情人节收到朋友的红包……这究竟是什么意思?红包潮流甚至使得微信专门添加了红包功能。-------------译者:黎明晖烬-审核者:龙腾翻译总管------------3- The value of money:3-金钱观I know I know you’ll tell me it’s normal to like money. But have you ever heard someone saying “I can’t be in a relationship with him; he has no money”? I have. Multiple times.In China the more you have money the more friendly people will be with you. More than that men are expected to own a house a car and a significant amount of money to get married and those are questions frequently asked by people in China to anyone even foreigners.I’ll always remember this saying on husband prospect: “I’d rather be crying in a BMW than smiling on a bike”.我知道你会说谁人不爱钱。但是你听谁说过“我不能与他交往,因为他没钱。”吗每伴清清宝?我听过很多次前夫高攀不起。在中国你越有钱人们就会对你越友善。不仅如此病尉迟孙立 ,一个男人想结婚,就应该有房有车有票子。问你有没有房车钱在中国是非常常见的问题御医皇后,甚至对外国人也如此。我会永远记得这句关于对丈夫的期望的名言:“宁愿坐宝马上哭,也不愿意坐自行车笑龅牙珍 。”-------------译者:黎明晖烬-审核者:龙腾翻译总管------------4- Making racism normal:4-普遍的种族歧视猎野人 。I can’t count the amount of times I have seen job advertisements saying “whites only” or even when I was working in a club I had to bring people in and I had this specific line “each 4 people get bonus (Chinese and black don’t count)”.Their own order of likeliness is usually:White Also they expect black people to be less rich than white people hence they’re unlikely to befriend them (see point 3).A friend of mine (Chinese) was talking with another girl (from Madagascar) then she went to her boyfriend and said “how can I be friend with her when she’s black?”. That’s enough said…我都数不清多少次看到招聘广告上写“只招白人”,甚至我在俱乐部工作拉客户的时候洪荒道玄 ,还有一项特殊规定“每拉4个人有额外奖金(中国人和黑人不算)”。他们大都奉行白人优先。同时他们觉得黑人比白人穷所以不想和黑人交朋友(参见第三条)。我一个中国朋友和一个马达加斯加女孩聊了会儿天,然后跑过去对男友说:“我怎么能和黑人交朋友呢?”这足以说明问题了。鞠婧袆 -------------译者:黎明晖烬-审核者:龙腾翻译总管------------Mervyn Locke Enlightened laowai/Decade-long China resident/Permanent China bullupxed Sat R26; Upvoted by Xinchun Li lives in ChinaMervyn Locke 开明的老外、长期居住中国、永远看好中国Why squatting on seat toiletsWhy walking backwardsBelief in TCM and acupuncture which have very little documented scientific benefits especially considering that Chinese are mostly very rationalThe use of hairdryer on all body parts except the headWhy wearing pajamas outdoorsWhy ripping out apartment decoration to the bare concrete when buying an apartmentWhy no one wants to hire Hainanese people in the hospitality industry in Hainan为什么蹲在马桶上为什么倒着走中国人大都非常理性,却信仰鲜有科学证明的中医和针灸吹风机吹身体各个部位相淮在线 ,就是不吹头发为什么穿睡衣出门为什么买下公寓后要把原有装饰清理一空为什么海南的旅游接待业却不愿招收海南本地人